NLG 8 Ring Adaptor, Large

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The NLG 8 Ring Adaptors offer a very simple solution to a complex problem – how to tether tools that must freely rotate through 360 degrees – and provide a tangle-free tether point, leaving the handle free of obstruction.

Available in different sizes to suit the diameter of the shaft of the tool, they are all rated up to a maximum weight of 0.5kg. The rubber collar is simple and very quick to apply and prevents the 8 Ring from coming off the tool.


  • Engineered for screwdrivers with shank diameter of 5.5mm - 7.9mm
  • Uncomplicated design allows fast and trouble-free installation
  • Tough stainless steel 8 Ring provides anti-tangle tether point
  • Flexible rubber collar built to withstand harsh work environments
  • Dynamic load tested and third party certified (2:1 safety factor)
  • Max Load: 0.3KG (0.75lbs)